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The Morse Society, Reorganized 1973 is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Oregon. We research and preserve information of genealogical and historical significance to and for MORSES around the world. Our work is inclusive of all variant spellings of the surname, including Morse, Mors, Morss, and Moss, regardless of country of origin.
We build Morse family lines through research and DNA testing. Our Research Team assists and supports members with their family history research and has significant experience with surmounting brick walls. Each of our five primary Original Settler lines has a Shepherd who serves as the point of contact for that line, conducting research and maintaining the line's genealogical information.
For those who do not know their Original Settler, our research team can provide suggestions to guide your research so you can gather as much reliable information as possible to link the new branch to a known line. If your line is not easily identifiable, we preserve your family information for future clarification. In many cases, additional information arises at a later date that bridges gaps and allows for definitive linkage.
Our DNA project strives to establish the DNA patterns of our five primary Original Settlers, and results can provide clues that further break down genealogical brick walls. We also collect and catalog high-resolution digital images of family gravestones, and we occasionally host a conference for  our members.
Membership is open to all who share an interest in the goals of the Society.
Our Original Settlers
Our families came to North America from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Russia, Holland, Norway, and other far-flung places. Some brought the surname with them and some changed their names after arriving. Clans settled in Canada, New England, the mid-Atlantic, and the Southeastern states. Some came as free men while others arrived as indentured servants, but all came to start a new life in the new world. No matter where your Morse or Moss family came from or where they put down roots, your family is part of our family.
To date, we have identified over 150 original settlers with a Morse/Moss surname, as well as current and pre-immigrant lines in the UK, Canada and Australia. Our research focuses on five primary New England progenitor lines: Anthony Morse of Newbury, MA (1635), William Morse of Newbury, MA (1635), Samuel Morse of Dedham, MA (1635), Joseph Morse of Ipswich, MA (1635), and John Moss of New Haven, CT (1639).
The Morse Society Logo 
The Morse Society logo depicted on this website is based on the armorial crest that is attributed to the Morse/Moss families. We ask that our original variation not be utilized outside of the society, as this logo represents Morse/Moss families with variant spellings who bear the same crest.
According to W. Cecil Wade's 1898 publication The Symbolisms of Heraldry, the Morse armorial bearings have the following meanings: argent background & silver highlights represent peace and sincerity; sanguine represents patience in battle; black represents consistency. Battle axe represents execution of military duty; cannon balls represent those who have dared their terrors in sieges and battles.
More Information
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Operating Year: January - December 2024

Board of Directors
President: Mrs. Marcia Irene Morse Mullins
Vice President: Rev. Rick Paul Morse
Treasurer: Mr. Dave Carleton Morse
Secretary: Mr. Tracy John Mullins
At-Large Director: Mr. Joe Vezey Morse, II
At-Large Director: Mrs. Lisa Ann Murdough
Additional Contacts
Membership & General Questions: Mr. Tracy John Mullins
Research Coordinator: Mrs. Lisa Ann Murdough
DNA Project Coordinator: Mrs. Mary Ellen Revenis
Website Questions: Mrs. Marcia Irene Morse Mullins