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You have arrived at the official Morse Society website, dedicated to families named Morse, Mors, Moss and variant spellings. Here, you’ll find an ever-growing source of genealogical data about your ancestors, their lives and times. Much interesting information about the Morses and related families is available for the casual visitor and a larger and much richer trove of data, dates and genealogical material can be accessed by our members.   

Elizabeth Morse, First Witch of Newbury

In the seventeenth century, witches were believed to make a compact with the Devil to torment the godly. As agents of the Devil, they caused dissention in a town, a church or between neighbors, and in some cases witches were believed to cause sickness or death in people or their livestock. It is no coincidence that Elizabeth Morse was a midwife, and a successful one at that.

When the enchanted happenings began occurring at William and Elizabeth’s home, a transient sailor, Caleb Powell, was first accused of bewitching the
Morses. Powell blamed the enchantment on the Morses’ grandson, John Stiles; the sailor was convinced that the haunting was orchestrated by him. However, after the sailor’s acquittal an air of suspicion began to surround Elizabeth Morse as the people of Newbury continued to seek the person responsible for instigating the Devil against William Morse and his grandson. 

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A benefit of membership in The Morse society is full access to the society's online library. We are continually adding articles, research tips, finding aids and more, plus we are extracting key articles from over 40 years of producing a quarterly newsletter. Click here for an index listing articles currently available in our library, current as of 30 May 2015.

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Information amassed by our dedicated researchers can be yours - as a member - for the surprisingly low cost of $20.00 per year (slightly more in Canada and overseas). All new members begin by completing a genealogy worksheet to outline the information that they have already identified about their Morse/Moss line. Our Research Team reviews the worksheet and try to connect the new member to one of our identified lines.
If your line can be easily identified, a member of our Research Team will provide your Ancestry Report containing the vital statistics and personal information that we have on each generation of your direct line. If your line cannot be readily established, we will make suggestions for where you might look for additional details, and we will do what we can to help you break through your brick wall.
Members receive access to the members-only area of our website, which includes:
  • An online library containing articles about the first Morses to arrive on our shores, life stores of well-known descendants, military listings of Morses who served in various wars, and more.
  • A surname research index which identifies the individuals, time periods, and geographic locations that other Morse Society members are researching. Perhaps you will find someone else who is working on the same brick wall!
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  • A library of rercent Morse/Moss deaths and obituaries.
  • A members-only discussion forum.
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  • Information on society operations and key governance documents.
Because we are a small society, we do not provide extensive online databases like those found on Ancestry and other research websites.

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The Morse-Bragg cemetery is located in present-day Houston, TX and is threatened by development. This article provides background information about early settlers to the area, including Agur Morse (1801-1865) and his brother, Rev. John Kell Morse (1808-1863), seventh generation descendants of Corporal John Moss. Details about the cemetery are included in the article. Click here for full article

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