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Morse Archives and Research Aids, affectionately referred to as MARA, is now 'live' for our five primary progenitor lines. MARA provides members with an abbreviated database containing the first 6 generations of each progenitor line. There is a separate database for each progenitor. Basic information (birth, marriage, death, burial, alpha number) for individuals in those generations is included (when the detail is available). Photos of homes, gravestones or documents pertaining to these ancestors will be linked to the individuals listed in the MARA database. 
Each MARA database is accessable only to members, and only to those whom the Research Team has determined descend from that line. This means that William Morse descendants may only access the William MARA, Anthony Morse descendants may only access the Anthony line, etc. If a member has not provided his/her genealogical information to the Morse Society Research Team, he/she will not be able to access any MARA database until his/her line is confirmed.
Detailed instructions on how to register for your progenitor's MARA database may be found behind the member log-in; click on 'forum' and look for your progenitor's discussion area. Each member's progenitor is listed on their profile.

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Board of Directors

President - Marcia Morse Mullins 
Vice President - Brittany J. Jackson 
Treasurer - David C. Morse 
Secretary - Tracy J. Mullins
At-Large Director - Allen C. Hill 
At-Large Director - Hilda M. Kachmar
At-Large Director - Carl S. Morse 
At-Large Director - Pete Mandell 
At-Large Director - Rev. Dr. Richard P. Morse 
Research Chair - Lisa Murdough 
Website Chair - Jennifer Alford 
Education Chair - Vacant
Newsletter Chair - Vacant
Term of Office: Jan 1, 2013 - Dec 31, 2014

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